Number 6 to the River Styx

I’ve past it before, many times

I’ve had my head turned

With my chips and vinegar

Watch the matinee noose swinger

If Tyburn is my last stop

We never crossed paths before

It’s maybe a different style

I wouldn’t crack a smile

Can’t imagine how it feels

To balance on my heels

The blood rushing to my head

Moments hanging by a thread

I can hear voices in the dark

And impatient dogs bark

No angels in disguise

Where time never flies

Wish the ground would open up

Swallow me whole

Become part of a legacy

Another page in history

As the moment arrives

A wind blows through the crowd

The rope scratches my throat

Watching another scape goat!

The body falls to the ground

Clouds make no sound

Faces melt away

As the Gallows make way

Paths become roads

Trees become lights

Wood turns to rubber

Death is just a dream

As the traffic moves up ahead

I wonder about the dead

Those who stopped here like me

But I move on scot free

In a time when life was cheap

Where you sow’d what you reaped

Enjoy your party of nightmare themes

Be thankful its only make believe

– Happy Halloween

Want to know about Garrow Hill?

Watch “Heartache for the Heartless”

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