Behind the Lyrics: Skeletons

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Do you have any Skeletons in your Cupboard?

It is a well known question, heard plenty of times before, what does it mean? Well, there’s the obvious answer, having some sort of embarrassing or even unpleasant secret that’s probably happened in the past.

Pretty sure that if this question was asked in an interview you may be entitled to feel a little aggrieved if not totally insulted, but would it make a necessary judgement on the individual, if not digging under the table so to speak?

So what baggage is acceptable baggage? Is there any need to dig up the past? We all learn from mistakes, most of the time, it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry, so leave the dead memories buried.

When the smell that follows you around starts to become noticed by others, the time has come to get that cupboard opened and give it a spring clean, the rotting history of the past is catching you up.

On writing “Skeletons” there was this bit of a tongue in cheek look at death, a revolving theme for Garrow Hill, about an individual trying to carry on with their life but having this macabre secret lurking around them. There is this peculiar friendship between the aggressor and a decomposing corpse victim, not wanting to throw it away for fear of having the light of day expose them but also becoming fond of the deceased and continuing this bizarre friendship due to a lack of an obvious substitute. But how long can it last?

When putting it together as a band we liked the idea of poking a finger at the curtain twitchers in the safe suburban neighbourhood, not realising what goes on behind closed doors. Could you, your neighbour, the friendly wave across the street, the postman, the vicar; could any of these have any unspent sins? Absolutely!

The film “The ‘Burbs” starring Tom Hanks delightfully touches on the subject of dark secrets and mystery based on those pre-eminent decisions of prejudice, character, and social snobbery. It may be pre Desperate Housewives, and a little loose towards the end but its similar direction in dark comedy as Skeletons, an “all is not what it seems”, a kind of Stepford wives meets Rear Window.

When watching it though, there is something going on here that is very relatable, those things that bump in the night. We all carry a certain amount of fear of the unknown, it’s easy to lay blame on the weird and wonderful when presented with questions we cannot answer.

Are we presented with a question then of seeking moral character versus judging on face value? “Skeletons” does not really go that far, it’s more of a light hearted fall into the victim/perpetrator scenario, loneliness, unusual friendships and twisted desires. Though funny as it is to analyse the relationship of each other, there are profound questions underneath.

We all have something we are ashamed of, whether they come to the surface or not. Some have things they may take to the grave and there are things we never find out what happened. Mystery is a part of life, its what makes the unknown exciting.

Are there any Skeletons in your Cupboard?


Try to keep him quiet 

So, I cut out his tongue 

Can you keep your skeletons to yourself? 

Can you keep that inside your cupboard? 

Try to keep him quiet 

So, I cut out his tongue 

Try to keep out of sight 

Before he screams his lungs (out) 

Can you keep your skeletons to yourself? 

Can you keep that inside your cupboard? 

Am I ashamed of what I have done? 

Got to finish what I have, what I have begun 

I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done 

I’m afraid of no one, I’m afraid of no one 

Can you keep your skeletons to yourself? 

Can you keep that inside your cupboard? 

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