Garrow Hill is good for you

What makes you want to dig deeper? Go beyond the veil and peer behind the curtain? 

Is a band just a music factory, a candid affair that’s no more a relationship between you and a song than the supermarket suggestion to this week’s fastest movers. Do you find yourself arroframing the soundtrack running constantly in the back ground or is it just timing, a rose-tinted memory of something lurking inside the dark recesses in the mind.  

There’s a constant headache that cannot be relieved, an itch and that cannot be scratched, this is more than just a one-night stand, this is a love affair. 

Is this an addiction; a craving, wanting to belong, a journey with a tribal undertone? Why do we place such experiences on the holiest of virtues? Finding out what makes it all tick is a major part of the puzzle, the answer that Dorothy herself is still searching Kansas for.  

A band, a real band, is one that strives for independence, authenticity and creativity, constantly trying to find ways to make art, entertain, inspire and be loved. It’s not easy. Writing your own music, placing your feelings and emotions for others to hear, read and enjoy is a worrying thing to do. No one knows how people will respond to your hard work but always remaining hopeful that there are connections to be made. It’s an honest, tiring, rewarding and crushing experience all at once. Living on an emotional edge that’s fraught with regret.  

Why? Quite simply…it’s the process. Creating something from the start, beginning with a few words and maybe the odd riff, sparks a whole chain reaction until the final shiny new track appears online to stream or in a beautifully designed physical piece of merchandise. There are not many pure gold moments in life, but producing music ranks as one of the best.  

What lies beneath though, is more fascinating than the reality. In fact, a photo paints a thousand words. There is magic in there. 

You’ve travelled so far in this life and you’ve arrived at the bottom of the hill, all you want to do now that your attention has been seized is find out more. Step inside the façade and find out what really drives the gears and wheels.  

Garrow Hill is a place like others but also not like others by the same margin.  

Familiarity is warm. What’s on offer for your time is our little piece of heaven.  

Our experience is not trying to drown you in mediocrity, we are a creative collaboration with a particular point of view. There are others of course, but we’re not imitating. We have experiences like no other, stories that are personable, a life that’s been lived and a delivery that’s a signature of Garrow Hill.  

We are determined, beaten up and bruised. We have anxieties, trauma, scarring and failures. We aren’t perfect, we make mistakes and these we wear as a badge. Take away the filters and massive edits and peel away the rotten soil, what comes from the heart is pure.  

What grows on Garrow Hill is organic. We’re not fed from any machine; we lead without agenda or corporate blood flowing through our veins: There is no money tree to eat from.  

Sit back, close your eyes, think, listen, look and breathe. 

Welcome to the circus. 




Garrow Hill – Depths


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