The Vikings are coming…

The Jorvik Vikings!

It’s not an invasion from the Scandinavians this time, but Jorvik radio, York’s local up and coming radio station has picked up the baton of championing York’s untapped reserves of local musicians and is providing a much-needed outlet across the airwaves. 

In January Garrow Hill featured on the All New All Yorkshire Show in an interview with Adam Graver discussing the origins and future of Garrow Hill as well as spinning a few tracks from the live EP. 

Garrow Hill on Garrow Hill

Following a successful mission in playing live on Breakfast Radio on local network rivals, Minster FM, the boys are back in action and have been successful in passing through Jorvik FM’s new talent promotion; Virtual Battle of the Bands, by winning their opening heat on Twitter. The next round does see some fierce talent from York’s scene introduced as the winners and runners up are narrowed further into round 2. 

Now that the sun has hit the highs of June, Mark and Stew will be again going live on the radio on a sunny Sunday Lunch time to talk to Nat & Sam about what’s next for Garrow Hill, how the current status has been for writing music, frustrations on the wait for getting into the studio and new songs! 


For Garrow Hill, it’s a pleasure to be part of the local music scene and online community and having support from both fans and the media has been extremely encouraging, something as a band, we don’t take for granted. 

We will post the date for the interview live on the Website and the usual Social Media Channels. 

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